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Who The Hell is Kasey?

If your looking at this blog, you are trying to figure out what the hell this blog is about…well its gonna cover a lot of things.  I am one of those ladies that’s a jack of all trades but a master of freakin’ nothing.  I am funny, charismatic, loving, bitchy, bubbly (no not because I am chubby…or the all more politically correct plus size).  There is insight fullness in there somewhere, some crazy amount of talent and creativity when the personality lets me be creative.  I Want 2B Krafty Like that Dammit is a blog for the rest of who are NOT Martha Stewart!! So art, food, fashion, style, home, traveling, family and craziness.  I will also enlist the talents of other ladies who would like to write a blog or section.

So who is Kasey…there is about 8 personalities in there that I know of and we are going to have getting to know them all!

About Kasey J. Moran

I am pretty much an open book type of woman. I have a crazy imagination, so this leads me to photography, writing, making art and much more. I am now in the process of creating my blog, trying to do things krafty and taking you on this journey with me. My biggest passion is Ireland!! I have been there many times and I just love it there, so much so that I have decided to start taking tour groups over a few times a years.

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